September 2023, Oxygen

“Sürdürülebilirlik önceliklerimiz, iş başarılarımızı destekliyor”
Gulman amaclan supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Group: real estate, venture capital and new investments in the areas of energy, with the objective of contributing to a better world embodies.
The sustainability approach of the economy of production and trade is one of the most important oncelikleyen agenda. Align with the sustainability journey now to combat today's most important areas for companies. Advance notice requirements of this struggle their ways of doing business by business and industry sustainability priorities Gulman one of the companies that determines the focus Group.
“Our jobs, our world Eye - terek we're doing. We are working with the aim to contribute to a better world, and doing it while we're making money,” said Polat Gulman Gulman Group Chairman and CEO, said their sustainability journey:
“Gulman Group, at a time when Turkey's industrial and trading is very limited in 1952, supplies and raw materials needed for the development of our country in order to meet as a foreign trade company was founded. Products are sometimes produced products that are not available in our country and Dec, sometimes be manufactured for the first time in Turkey was ten feet. The ' 70s as our real estate group has gained weight. In the 80s, the main area of our operation, our flagship was. Turkey at that time, the terms of ihtiyaclan, priorities and the global business cycle is different, but our founder, Kemal's father was always higher sensitivity to Gulman the future.
“With our investment strategy and business sustainability uyumlandirdik
In 2013 my father take over the task, with the support of our group's sustainability approach, to have drawn up a clearer framework. The United Nations has adopted a sustainable development amaclani we support both our business and investment strategy with this goal, we asserted that we accept it as uyumlandirmay significant and sustained effort. The UN 17 Sustainable Development priority items amaclani 4%; ‘Accessible and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, ‘industry, innovation and infrastructure’ and ‘climate action’ items we have made it a principle.
“We are working by considering the future of the world.”
Our investments in residential and commercial real estate - energy and water consumption,
people and planet friendly projects on topics such as air conditioning, we aim to develop with maximum efficiency. On top of them now we are working to add the achievements of clean energy and waste water.
Our field of activity in this direction, we've put clean energy. We chose our first investments in solar energy Group chairman of the management board and 2021 Gulman Polat Gulman Milas, Muğla on the Rocks GES, GES gulkent in Isparta and Antalya Finike Nur in kuleonu wife, wife and 2022 Kahramankazan with the acquisition of the boiler we've put Ankara in our site. We want to take advantage of new opportunities in clean energy.
Gulman venture capital investment ventures Company, Inc. Through over funds, Sector 24, 27 countries, our investment in the company is 185. Investment in our choice of Turkish entrepreneurs and constitute the most important priorities for sustainability. Among the initiatives we support, human health and education, agriculture and food, clean energy, energy efficiency companies that operate in such areas as priority.
For 70 years in the Turkish business world that has achieved a continuous and stable growth as a group, work by considering the future of the world; of a business model sustainable in both senses of the word to be one of the successful examples in our country, it has a special meaning for us.”