May 2023, Oxygen

Until today, sometimes casually, sometimes willingly and sometimes by the force of circumstances, I created my business with all my strength in many areas. However, in my line of work 70. after years back my father's profession also throw in a columnist I honestly never would have guessed.
Lem Gulman my late father, the last of my childhood, he was the manager took care of both of both accounting administrative Mail newspaper. A corner in the paper that had the name believe it or not. Three to five lines in interesting information that will surprise people - s, my father invented the rumours that would constitute the subject of this column. My father into the business of writing this post that gives the right to a free pass on the tram to the ferry, he started to have a press pass. Afterwards, write a procedure for her little 1, column 5-inch nook so much from reading other newspapers, which have seen demand - derived corners also similar. I guess the tradition of the father of a type from today's papers, it would not be wrong to say that reenactor.
My writing that I made to reach their readers also valuable Oxygen, il - the title of quinine to remember my father and 70-year business I'm gonna make you feel important in my life and surprising in my experience
to “believe it or not,” he put in.
My first writing experience last year, author, and consultant Nurten Yalçın ERUS ‘s experience in business support, and I pulled my recommendations reflecting *work stories from my experience, I've had my advice, and my book sales revenue TeV imported bearing the name.
After the positive response from my book until today that I realized I neglected to tell businessman Kemal Gulman.
So, there's a time for everything. People want to let others know on their own when that time comes, the end of life before its own channel to communicate in the way he wants to tell he thought she deserved.
Here is the request from this was born the idea of taking the offer of writing about oxygen. I wanted to reach you from this column. My articles go to waste even a single second with you for 70 years it did not, and constantly up - to- also ran, no one didn't eat right, but right put it in your mouth and won by what I saw as a man of working so hard he lost a trade, I'll relay my experiences. Tahtakale from Europe and America from Thursday, extending the life of trade; instead of building an old Masjid purchased my first real estate kaziklanip adventure, and what I learned from an Italian count when I discovered how my Basement; I'm the gasoline pump, and how the nation's first investor to sell a sustainable energy; the first capital of my BA - sin and rice paper sheet is obtained by selling the sector, while today's media Twit - term I'm here to tell you that I'm one of the first institutional investors.
Rev because the Google era. Gulman Kemal consists of photographs which are mentioned in the memory when you know that very well. Google isn't a panacea? Business, not personal life; money here Gulman Kemal, Kemal Gulman money here... however, this accumulation of capital olusmus how's this, what's the bride's troubles today? You didn't read a single word about them. Because I didn't tell.
My company was founded in a garage and today I was going to come out of there. Certain homes have a garage in our country, and today, energy, real estate, venture capital investments in many areas, from logistics, Gulman Group 70 years ago in tahtakale prevuayans pass in the inn “coat” as I set up in a small cubicle that is used. A “coat”and reaching into the present Gulman how to invest in the space and she did it in my next article, I'll explain.