December 2022, Oxygen

Polat Gülman, Gülman Holding çatısı altında yeni işleri büyütüyor. Girişim sermayesi ve güneş enerjisi yatırımlarına odaklanan Gülman’la yatırımcısı olduğu işleri konuştuk.
– After coming to Turkey, took part in the family business. The first of which is your take on the responsibilities?
In 5 years I worked as a real estate project in Istanbul professional. At the end of 5 years, returned to the family business, and their business I'm focused on venture capital. In solar energy investments have started. Ankara, Antalya, Bodrum and Antalya we have implemented the menu. Still in the vicinity of the Aegean region GES investment agenda.
You recently between angel investors I am. With different companies re - was your investments. How did this all start?
I believed in these things. Actually while I was in America, it is also very eye - lemlemis and I started. I wanted to come back to and continue the family firm. Revo Capital, Capital, 212, 500 Istanbul – 500 now emerging Europe-Earlybird, humming - bird, like in Turkey, we entered the top five fund. And when I walked in, the funds through a fund named in America during the same period SilverLake oncology treatment - dealing with sin I invested in the venture. Then in the name of Griffin Gaming Partners in Santa Monica, I made an investment in the fund is the world's largest gaming. 40 game in the industry right now my investment portfolio through them.
– Kemal Gulman do you have trouble convincing your father about this?
It took me ten years. My father is very strong, it was very difficult for a business person to convince him for being knowledgeable and skilled. I could more easily convince the bank. But I will tell my father: my father is a human being innovative and futuristic, very curious, innovative and flexible. Me therefore “be like water” she says. Hence for the trader, the numerical data when I put it in front of, “Oh okay,” he says. The figures valuation - s when I saw loved it. This business is growing fast.
-How was your investment? You've planted a seed health from the game industry very much...
27 country, Sector 31, and our investment in the company was 207. According to figures 2021, 2022 as well, which will be, too – I think the strength of the game company from Turkey has also increased. For example, we went to the American fund invested in American funds came in to Turkish companies has invested in. American Funds is a center in the field of gaming.
– Last in the gaming industry - or the top 10, 20, which entered the Turkish venture company became.
Currently, most large - tirim the two companies play games and you have Spyke's just because a game company. Peak Games co-founder Rina Onur Sirinoglu, Spyke established. Rina's Griffin Gaming Partners established that I made my investment in this company is invested.
– You have investments in other areas?
Head over to the theme of Environment and health in 2019 by the name of Impossible Foods and out of the way, we have made a direct investment in an American company. Plant-based burger that makes artificial flavored. No meat, but no meat
I've tried reading a lot of work to do got my genes!
Gulman Polat, was graduated from the finance and psychology in America. Did an internship at Bank of Merrill Lynch. Your job is first made by selling marble granite. Gulman 14 years living abroad in Miami, with the advice of my neighbor went to school in the evenings contracting Murat conclusion. Gulman 750-acre plot at that time when I have mordogan his father Kemal Polat Gulman urged to Turkey. 1200 residences have prepared a project.
Gulman could not find the family business as he wishes in the work environment when it proceeded in its own way. Even your own well - “with you " by the father he was fired from the company” a real estate development project in Istanbul for 5 years, worked in and with his own wings flying between the family business after his father returned to the ice has melted and convinced his father to focus on venture capital.
The United States, Canada, and Singapore are in. Impossible Foods we when we enter the value of the $ 300 million they are currently 2.3 billion dollars. We are traders of more food in Turkey. Sustainable - ness in terms of the very important work they're doing.
SpaceX invested in
Many – to-many company you enter. How much to grow and survive?
50 percent of investments was lost, two percent multiplier a multiplier may be 30 to 40 percent. A multiplier may be 10 percent but striking front five. With that, you're already paying off and even that you earn money for your loss. This also keeps you active. Today we are in the sector of 27 in 31 countries from Norway to Nigeria. We started from the health department, but from there, bam - we went to another three points. We spent three years we made SpaceX Musk founded by Elon and direct investment. There you can become a direct shareholder. When it is opened to the public, regardless of the price we had agreed from the price we have bought it already.
– Your investment in China it's been?
Education company in China online because there is tall. There, too, we had investments. The numbers are flying. 1 million 1 million every month in the pandemic was increasing.We are an online training company in Israel with a master's school so. He was also in the technology sector - s he teaches.
– New initiatives in the field of health do you have?
Massive Bio Revo Capital we invested in New York by the name of a Turkish company. Cancer patients with appropriate treatment for this company - s match. Under the foundation of one of the founder by the name of Entrepreneurship, Social Impact Fund, and we have Sina Afra Ali Sahin. I'm also on the board of trustees.
-Agriculture, food supply related in business. How's that going?
In 2018, we are in a large agricultural business in Romania. Wheat, canola, sunflower, mi no secret that we make. Now we will produce blueberries. Very large blueberries, a total of 3 million square meters. We have partnered with a Spanish company.
-Kadan, what the investments that you make abroad to a Turkish company has moved on?
Figure a very difficult fix it. But we can say that about 25 percent, the share of Turkish companies in gaming companies.