December 2022, Nationality

Explaining Business Group chairman of the management board to carry forward the inherited flag Gulman Gulman Polat, Kemal Gulman that you won't forget about dad advice ever: ‘like the tortoise, slow go, but go a long way...’
Basic business Gulman Real Estate Group, now under the leadership Gulman Polat, solar energy and are investing in venture capital to grow.
“I have to maintain my size and put the top down for the third generation to reduce the risks and long-term investment, I'm going to,” said new investments and goals Gulman we talked...
■You've been trained in America, he worked with you. Then you came here and you started with the managerial job of the family business. New things, especially the orientation of venture capital was always on your mind?
Our father's curiosity was driven by technology and innovation venture capital adventure with us. Closely follow the news and information is constantly shared with me. Also, frankly, I was more restrained in his posture. Ultimately, by following a safe path Revo, 212, 500 Istanbul (500 emerging Europe with the current name), Earlybird, we went to a fund, such as a Hummingbird. We have invested in both, and also in the field of venture capital investment we've learned to ecosystem functioning.
The concept of our family investment strategy in accordance with; identical projects, rather than investing directly in companies,
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through the filter of funds, by leveraging the experience they had in the jobs we prefer to invest in their investment decisions. In a sense, we are moving to relying on their experience and past performance.
A broad spectrum of funds are investing in. Seed and pre-seed stage, developing, advanced, or fully prior to entering the stock market companies. We also, by investing in each stage, we have deployed at our own risk. After all, this is the management of a portfolio. Venture
Gulman Polat
when we got to the capital of our work on a $ 30 million investment value, now the paper the value of 50-55 million dollars came in.
Gulman Ventures Inc In Turkey. we started our company in the name venture capital investment. Our company has gone from projects both in Turkey and Turkish entrepreneurs in Turkey over Europe, America, Asia we are investing in companies that have established. With our investments, we are actually bent the issue of brain drain from Turkey. Our educated youth from Albania, Germany, Bulgaria, and they're setting up their companies go abroad to the United States, but the elements here in Seyrantepe in Gebze, they're running. We also come to Turkey by investing in them and accumulate more capital, more value