December 2022, Economist

The agenda of companies accounting for inflation
Under the roof of the club CEO, “CEO Agenda 2023” the meeting was held. Traditional activities in their predictions 2022 2023 evaluating the CEOs of Turkey's leading conglomerates and groups organizing shared.
Organized by Capital and Economist magazine, “the CEO Agenda 2023” day meeting Wednesday in Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus, 7 December
was carried out. 2022 2023 holding, Turkey's leading company and the group to share their predictions and evaluating the CEO of the organizing of the event, there were on the agenda of companies accounting for inflation. Club CEO CEO and senior executive within the scope of activities was held the meeting that followed. Shot of group of companies meeting the main sponsor, Co-Sponsor and support the Borusan Otomotiv sponsorla Clifford Chance, Çiftçi attorney partnership, Alliance Holding Group and was Gulman.
In his opening speech of the event Exclusive Big capital and Ekonomist Psoriasis publishing director in the world, the economic and political conjuncture ‘storm clouds of misty air thriving’ likened. Great, “more bad than 2022 2023 in the global system/would be in a difficult situation, that he would suffer problems of the growth of the economy, by contrast, they have to deal with inflation increases for frenlemek able to say they will be forced to take various measures,” he said. Great, in such an environment, Turkey's largest conglomerate, managing different sectors and countries doing business in the CEO of Ascension assessments, plans and visions for the future that will shed light on many of the business people that they will be stressed.
Süheyl Aygül a board member of a group of companies who shot the second opening, “this is a distinguished collection, bringing together Capital and Ekonomist magazine that allows you to experience the richness of this activity would be efficient, I want to thank and I wish.”

Distinguished economist and the CEO of the publishing director psoriasis capital agenda elders in the panel moderator, is the share of Tekfen group of companies president Ali Doğan Holding's CEO, ages, chest, CEO of Kibar Holding, Haluk Kaya - head and Akfen holding's CEO Selim Akın assessments made statements that sheds light on 2023.

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