June 2023 Capital

Gulman Polat 5 years ago yatinimci entered as the agricultural sector. Large square metres in areas of sunflower, wheat, canola, corn products, such as produce and, in a sense, the conventional agriculture stating that they do Gulman, “Spanish in Romania together with our partners from all over the world now we are preparing to raise a serious position blueberry in every season of the commodity sold. Did a lot similar to our investments in Turkey. However, in our country in million square meters for large areas such as unfortunately it's not possible to find a single piece,” he says.
Gulman Polat, from the Departments of Finance and psychology in 2001 after graduating from Bryant University in America Merrill Lynch's private banking and the Bank of New York, office began his career as a specialist in the stock market. Natural stone industry since 2003 and has worked in mortgage banking in the USA. Miami real estate brokers license in 2007 and settled in, he took, and then entered as an investor in real estate and construction sectors. Trained as a construction contractor in the evenings or during the day while working, Gulman in 2009 in Izmir, Turkey to a family company, a real estate development project leading returned. In 2013, the board of directors from taking over the chairmanship of the group Gulman Gulman father Kemal came to power.
Gulman Group whose foundation was laid in 1952 to carry out foreign trade activities in 1977 stating that focuses on real estate Polat Gulman today in the real estate sector land a lease return that provides housing, villas and commercial projects he has been he says. Tell her where he took over the management after moving from where shares: “the developing conjuncture in the last period in the birth of modern trade warehouse logistics which is one of the most important needs we focus on. Usually in the real estate industry we are involved with revenue sharing model against the floor. Entering into business in renewable energy by 2020 2019 ready GES started by unlicensed buying plants, and I have been focusing in this field. If we were dealing with venture capital is the year of 2021. Gulman we have established ventures in 2022. Instead of investing directly in companies that we trust, we believe in the vision we prefer to invest through funds. To date we have invested indirectly in different sectors, venture capital 35. The model is trying to tell our group of investment; for those times, we use energy from the estate proceeds to enlarge our business where we do business. We're investing energy we obtain from venture capital gain. Medium-and long-term revenues from venture capital also you will be involved in this movement.”
The most important priority this year Gulman existing investments, revenues and maintain the real value of is to put on as much as possible. However, under current conditions, weighted by their main field of activity growth in the venture capital business people who stated that they would come, “in real estate, logistics and our preparations from the two arms of the housing project is continuing. On the other hand, located on the European side of Istanbul, on our land we are working on two different projects, including residential commercial space. For the floor, revenue sharing model, which brands have been liaising with our projects we aim for you to play with. And logistics, warehouse and our residential projects, we would like to begin this year.”