April 2023, Hürriyet

Venture investments in recent years became an important alternative for owners of savings. These companies Gold, foreign exchange, shares, term deposits investment in attracting investment and in return was an organization such as a classic vehicle. Of course, every investment does not show the same performance, but especially the $ 1 billion go above and a value of ‘unicorn’ returns to their investors, title companies made a fortune.
For example, three years ago, was established in Istanbul in a short time, reaching a valuation of $ 750 million and 2 billion Games have recently opened a new office in London the unicorn dream. The company in this way is expected to expand their global operations. At Dream Games CEO and co-founder wanted to be one of the world's largest gaming companies Aydemir flashes his description he said. One of the top grossing mobile game in the US and the UK royal match three, which improves the company, with offices in London, was sailed to a new destination.
Dream games about the future of the founders of capital from investors who believe in their dreams and enjoy the company put the first stage you have to say. For those who don't know, let me remind you briefly that such companies in which investment is being made.
Startup capital: an entrepreneur to establish a new business that uses the money. Money can come from various sources, and employees to hire, ground rent, buy or start a business to help other business expenses that can be used for inventory.
Stage: Seed of the round before the first round occurred. Generally investment amount of $ 500,000 is equal to. At this stage, beginners still conducts research or development. The prototype can also be prepared..
Seed Stage: this type of angel investors, incubators, and venture companies is secured by.
Generally investment amount to $ 2 million up. Funds are often used to investigate Sunday. For this purpose they develop or entrepreneurs to present their products to the market stage.
Investing in a series: a-series, regarded as the first to take place in the stage venture capital financing is a type of
is. This is the type of investment, risk capital funds secured by it. This type starts from the amount of 500 thousand dollars investment.
Series B Series B investment type, investment in the expansion phase of the initiative. This is the type of investment risk
capital funds and private
capital funds by
is secured.This type of investment will amount to $ 2 million starts. This
stage startup, scale and funding needs to proceed to the next level.
Series C Investment: in general, a C
Series investment, is a type of financing for the beginners as well. This is the type of investment, risk capital funds, strategic investors, hedge funds and private equity funds secured by it. The amount of investment of 10 million and $ 30 million.
Investors in the series C, the company usually walk right up to make innovations and new products and new markets targets. At this stage, you can also buy another attempt with the company's strategic objectives.

The aftermath can be invested in a stage or two, but this usually ends with the end of the round public offering.
How to find a company that will make a good investment for you, we recommend to research the funds you might ask who made it. Recently I spoke with Venture Capital Group Chairman and CEO Gulman with Polat Gulman at liberty to their advice and I wrote. For those who want to invest in venture capital Gulman the most important advice I want to remind you.
Gulman, “always prefer the fund's investments. Comes in a quarterly report. This report in which the company has made what, what, how much money he invested, which evaluated the company you are learning. My advice is if you have 100 pounds even two or three fund publication. This is a serious variety on the market, you get to meet different players,” he said.

Funds as well as start-ups, investors who invest in early stage companies and is an important alternative.
Last week, a group of economic journalist Ibrahim Özer escort together with my friend we met with chairman of the board of management of technology. The information and figures it was interesting. By investing in portfolio companies directly and indirectly reached number 57 for escort.
As these companies grow TL escort has taken its fair share of 33.2 million the year 2021 2020 closed with a profit, which the company 101.3 million TL to the number of three-fold, four fold 424.5 million TL outstretched to him in 2022. Özer says this year's profit expectations 650 million, and 250 million in the last year, but they are expecting that it wouldn't be a surprise if this goal wand adds. Venture capital funds invest in companies as well as public companies such as escort for those who want to can also be an important alternative.
In summary, it is possible to obtain the best return in venture capital with the right choices. Into business for fund management companies, public companies, including professionals such as there is a benefit. A lot of options, the decision is yours....