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Gulman Group Management Board Chairman Of Polat Gulman:
It's time to take new positions
Signs of the coming months in the United States is moving towards an era where interest rates will be reduced, indicating that the group is a precursor to our Gulman Gulman Polat, chairman of the management board, “at this point there to relax in all over the world to our country as it would be to a significant extent, a reflection I am of the opinion that it will create. With this effect, the inflation rate would fall, I can predict will increase investment opportunities. Therefore, I think it's time to take new positions. Should seize the opportunities and to act early”
Leaving behind Gulman group seventieth year, when you are creating the building blocks of this long journey, it managed to emphasize the concept of trust. Gulman signing successful work in all areas of Investment Group, is continuing to take steps to capture a strong future. We took their views on planning for the next period Gulman Group Management Board chairman of Polat Gulman, answered our questions.
The assessment of the office as a residential area for a period of retained its place on the agenda. Can't find a place topic high on the agenda now, if he retains his place in the bottom row. What do you say about the subject?
In the period of the pandemic, working from home, were applied to both throughout the entire world, these procedures are partially continues today. When we look specifically in our country, particularly large corporate enterprises, we can say that a return to the office in working order in hybrid has occurred. Most companies work from home on certain days of the week it took me permanently to the agenda, but mainly introduced the offices. To cope with the challenges of working time in the home environment, interactive, came to the fore the need to work in the usual order. The greatest gain of this period if the companies has been to strengthen their technology infrastructure. Offers the privacy and comfort of fully equipped offices from the Office of housing is not realistic because the benefits of the expectation of transformation, I think.
Can we get your predictions after the pandemic?
The most common currency is the dollar and in the international arena
the owner signs the US dollar the world's most indebted countries in the coming months in the United States is moving towards an era where interest rates will be reduced in our Messenger. At this point there to relax in all over the world to our country as it would be to a significant extent, a reflection I am of the opinion that it will create. With this effect, the inflation rate would fall, one can predict that investment opportunities will increase. Therefore, I think it's time to take new positions. Act early and fir - sat need to catch up on.
You make your predictions in line with an assessment of the investments you have made and can we get?
The retail market of e-commerce in the art share - yeast continues. Our investments in this direction, we plan to add new ones in our warehouse. ASA Tuzla associated with significant new investment we're going to trial and we've travelled. The yacht after the registration process - we will start rima. In addition we aim to make the new stores in Gebze.
Tuzla OSB comes with our investment in biotechnology. That is an extremely important achievement in terms of our own plans, we will carefully follow the resulting advantages. The only problem here; shareholders ' equity and the cost of financing outside of your financing needs. In fact, the current demand for the warehouse, supply double. In these circumstances, became extremely attractive to new investment. We also we want to increase our investments in this area.
Does this have any effect on the situation of the war?
Along with pandemic demand increased dramatically. However, in our country, the opportunities that arise on the path to becoming a logistics base in the direction of the steps is also very important. War environment, being a safe harbor - Miz of the steps we can say that the value has increased even more.
There is a discourse about the need for housing, and in this direction there is an anticipation that demand will increase in the coming period. You can we get your thoughts on this subject?
In the field of housing that will increase the demand too much in the short term, I'm not convinced. However, we take ispartakule raised in a housing project with our land. Approximately 1,000 residences, we desire to implement a qualified project. Contractors can work in conjunction with the brand's in that area, or we can do it ourselves. Our thinking on this issue has not yet been finalized.
Ispartakule was raised for the last 20 years, why did you wait so long?
At that time, it was empty around us, our environment, time away, now began to fill our immediate environment. Naturally, we also we think it's our land is no longer the time of evaluation. There are a few groups that we talked to evaluate the method for land our floor. Besides, Izmir and Çanakkale in
we are making plans with the land. A project of villas in Izmir right here we have 200 of the village comes to life, where we were so that the value is increasing. As both a timeshare and land Villa project we want to evaluate. Maybe we could partner in the project, an experienced real estate in the area but overall we want the signature.
Our Chicago property to discuss opportunities in the field of shipbuilding in the past as related to the construction of the shipyard in an attempt to was found, but due to the developments in the sector, the project got put on hold. 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, located very close to the land, it was used during the construction phase of the bridge. The deck of the bridge they built on our land. Powered ground during the construction of the bridge, has become available for the construction of the shipyard.
Energy-related investments so you bought one. Your current investments will continue?
We started with our investments in the field of energy investment GES. I think we have to increase our knowledge of our investments in this area. Own production until you consume was given the authority to make right now
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