May 2023, Oxygen

In our generation, who is abroad with his steps he who makes assigns a name in the business environment, where we're going to name that referred us happy, made proud. Of absence for coming out, everything is new for us, since it is doing a good job, and somebody else would open your horizons. When traveling abroad, we heard one nice thing about the people in our country the US would any business of Abat, encourages and even encouraged. Teenagers maybe more familiar with those feelings, perhaps, it's such successes more often.
Also the success of our young people are no small achievements, but also let the paint especially black. Turkey is located in a difficult region of the country, Turkey and Atatürk decent work very well in evaluating the power and potential of young people, their start-ups, as we see again the feelings I've just mentioned
I'm living.
Now there are many possibilities in the hands of our youth, it's not like our time. International resources, have easy access to information they know, but still this is the advice I've collected in my life 70 years of business in the last column I would like to sort.
Don't diam ID being a guide, but successful and profitable business from my own experience some filtered approaches for life ‘stories from work
in my book and in this corner, I tried to share it with the readers of precious oxygen.
As a gift to us using the facilities of the Republic of Atatürk, the Republic gave to his business life with the hope that I'm starting from scratch. I knocked over 70 years in the trade. The land of my birth, my country's economy, industry, trade, contributing through all the time I felt proud.
You saw the 100th year of the Republic, offered me the opportunity to taste more than anything I thank God this thrill. As a business person, especially the younger brothers note useful only for themselves, even if my story, my book and my writing has almost reached its goal, where will be found. All of you prosperous, fruitful, and best wishes for a healthy future, I offer my humble young entrepreneurs and business people as the last word of advice:
This is our capital we had about 70 years ago, we didn't. The Republican lead one, and his lecek hopeful that GE was promised to us. Here, clinging to this hope I came today. My own children, my grandchildren, and my inner circle, no matter how difficult the conditions, I'm telling my faith in the power of Turkey and the Turkish people. Our ancestors in faith, despair to overcome difficulties in the struggle for liberation and his arms I'm reminding his friends eaten.
✓ Do your planning facilities, but keep your Dreams Unlimited ✓ can not do every job, every person, accept
✓ Take advantage of your big treasure them refer to the idea ✓ Read your knowledge and strengthen your imagination, read ✓ Indoor-to-mouth couldn't fly, they say, keep busy, try to
✓ Good observation, and make a persistent stalker
✓ Sell goods at a high price that you will pursue
✓ Driver's license will give courage to the people you give, give, give
✓ Learning language, Follow world-read the report
✓ An eye on new business opportunities, too, in the United States, in China the other ✓ you look around, you see who's doing what...
✓ Distribute risk, diversity is good
✓ Robust work with lawyers, consultants benefit from ✓ after you in the company of Family prepare for the future management ✓ to sulk, business life, and shall not
✓ Choose the people you work with to grow old together, make time for them.